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The European Association of Electrical Contractors, Avere, Eurelectric, the European Climate Foundation, the European Copper Institute, the European Heat Pump Association, smartEn, SolarPower Europe and WindEurope have joined forces to launch the Electrification Alliance, calling for electricity to be recognised as the key energy carrier for an efficient and decarbonised European future.

The Electrification Alliance published a Declaration on Electrification which also has the support of a large number of associations, companies and NGOs. The Declaration states that as electricity in Europe decarbonises, it will reveal its true value as it becomes the key vector for achieving a decarbonised, energy efficient and digital European economy.

The Declaration includes a commitment to support reductions in carbon intensity and the scale up of investment in non-emitting technologies like renewables, energy storage and smart grids, while promoting sectoral integration with the heating, cooling and transport sectors.

The Declaration on Electrification calls for reforms under the current legislative review of European climate, energy and transport legislation, to accelerate the advancement of electrification in years to come. These will maximise the potential of decarbonised electricity and enabling efficient technologies to advance Europe’s competitiveness, economic growth, job creation, and the promotion of a sustainable, healthy society for European citizens.

The Declaration calls on European policymakers to recognise that decarbonised electricity becomes a key vehicle for a sustainable European economy, to remove barriers to electrification, to roll-out the much needed widespread electric vehicle charging infrastructure and to enable the deployment of smart and efficient heating and cooling technologies.


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