EU Unveils Action Plan to Boost Electricity Grids for Green Transition

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EU Unveils Action Plan to Boost Electricity Grids for Green Transition

In a significant move towards advancing the European Green Deal and facilitating the transition to sustainable energy systems, the European Commission has published a comprehensive Action Plan aimed at enhancing the efficiency and expansion of electricity grids across the European Union. The plan recognises that interconnected and robust energy networks are vital for fostering the EU’s internal energy market and achieving its ambitious climate goals. With electricity consumption expected to surge by approximately 60% by 2030 and the integration of more renewables, electric vehicles, and decentralised energy sources, the EU aims to invest €584 billion to modernise its ageing grid infrastructure.

The Action Plan outlines seven priorities with fourteen actionable points to tackle the challenges posed by the transition to cleaner energy. These include accelerating the implementation of Projects of Common Interest, improving long-term grid planning to accommodate renewables and electrified demand, introducing regulatory incentives for smarter grids, enhancing transparency and network tariffs, streamlining grid deployment permits, and securing grid supply chains. The EU envisions these priorities as essential steps to ensure the energy transition stays on track while maintaining reliable energy supplies.

Response from the Electrification Alliance

The Action Plan represents a significant step toward aligning electricity grids with the evolving energy landscape, accelerating the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources within the European Union.

The Electrification Alliance welcomes the EU’s Action Plan for Grids. We find it encouraging that many of the proposed actions closely align with our Electrification Manifesto, reiterating the urgent need for an Electrification Action Plan within the first 100 days of the incoming Commission. We urge the Belgian Commission Presidency to endorse the Action Plan and call upon EU Member States to implement the proposed action points promptly.