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Electricity for an Efficient and Decarbonised Europe

‘Fit for 55’ must deliver a radical transformation to the way that Europe produces, consumes, transmits and distributes energy

by the Electrification Alliance

The ‘Fit for 55’ package represents Europe’s opportunity to deliver the radical transformation needed in the way we produce, consume and distribute energy. It sends a positive signal towards the decarbonisation of the energy system with clear climate and energy targets for 2030 that will put Europe on track towards climate neutrality by 2050.

We must ensure that these targets are achieved in the most cost-effective way. This requires clean and renewable electrification supported by a policy framework geared towards carbon and system efficiency.

We need to be more ambitious and strengthen the proposals by revising a range of texts, including the Energy Taxation Directive, the Energy Efficiency Directive, the Renewable Energy Directive, the CO2 emission performance standards for cars and vans and the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation. These are no-regret priorities.The cost of inaction would increase the cost of decarbonisation.

Implementing these texts will support the penetration of more variable renewable electricity in all end-use sectors in the best way, promote smart system integration, modernise our economy, shield consumers from  additional energy price spikes and bring tangible benefits to all EU citizens and the environment.

Read our full recommendations for co-legislators here

The Electrification Alliance’s event on the morning of November 17 is the perfect forum to discuss the best policy approaches. Join top-level EU policymakers, CEOs of leading energy companies in Europe and our partners in the Electrification Alliance to define the way we can Electrify Now!