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Active buildings: game-changing energy consumers

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Active buildings: game-changing energy consumers

The Active buildings: game-changing energy consumers campaign is a smartEn communication campaign aiming to showcase how buildings can reduce their carbon footprint and become zero-emission through a flexible use of clean energy.

Active buildings can be real game-changers in helping the EU achieve its decarbonisation goals while helping energy consumers reduce their consumption and reliance on fossil fuels. In the face of an energy crisis, we must consider how we can empower European consumers through flexible and smart solutions.

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#ActiveBuildings #ZeroEmissionBuildings

The first video of the series focuses on flexible buildings in the Renewable Energy Community of Izeda in Portugal:

The second video of the series showcases a consumer’s home with integrated smart technologies in Unterammergau, Germany:

The third video of the series showcases Urbana New Living, a residential project in Milan, Italy, housing an innovative, inclusive and sustainable lifestyle: