Ukraine war, more than one year on: Solar Supports Ukraine

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Ukraine war, more than one year on: Solar Supports Ukraine

Europe is experiencing an unprecedented energy crisis. We face an emergency situation of rising energy prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Right now, the stability of the Ukrainian electricity grid is also under constant threat.

As communities are forced to live in widespread power outages, it is crucial to provide backup power supply sources, especially for hospitals and schools. It is time to turn to real solutions like renewable-based electrification. In most sectors, it is the most efficient way to decarbonise. The active role of renewable-based electrification will be crucial to unleashing the potential of all renewables in Ukraine.

On 22 December of last year, Electrification Alliance Member SolarPower Europe, the German Solar Industry Association (BSW), and the Ukrainian Solar Energy Association (ASEU), launched a widespread donation campaign, ‘Solar Supports Ukraine,’ to collect €300,000 and finance the installation of solar on schools and hospitals, as well as solar off-grid trailers and solar power banks.

The implementing partners will use donations from the RePower Ukraine Charitable Foundation and Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation to buy solar equipment which is urgently needed on site.

There are two ways you can donate. The first option is through an ‘Instant Donation’, which will take you to a GoFundMe page, where you can instantly donate.

The second option is through a ‘Corporate Donation.’ If you want to make a more sizeable corporate donation, don’t hesitate to contact SolarPower Europe.

Every contribution you make counts towards helping the survival of the Ukrainian people.